Event & Decor Trends To Look Out For

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2020 has seen a drastic shift as to how events will be carried for the foreseeable future. In this piece besides what we can expect in terms of the practicality and functionality we will also share a few decor trends that we can look forward to seeing going into 2021. 

Decor Trends

– Chairs

Moving from function over fashion, chairs can be used in any event to spice the space up. With various designs and materials to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

– Natural Fabrics

These include lines such as: bedding or bath/ tea towels or throws. The most important aspect would be to focus on the natural aspect, i.e. going for earthy tones (mainly your browns and greens and any colour that has a warm undertone to it) and raw textures. 

Adding onto the neutral colour palette, diving into the psychology of colours: Earth tones are considered to be more appealing and functional as they tend to be perceived as warm, reassuring and settling. Bonus note is that earth tones are also considered to be most commonly used in areas that are frequented a lot which perfectly suits events as the human traffic is significantly higher.

– Furnishings Made From Sustainable Materials 

These have really been weaved in various aspects of our lives: fashion/ lifestyle and of course furniture is no exception. A lot of furnishings look great but are also great for the environment as they make use of recyclable materials ranging from bamboo to rattan to reclaimable wood. To learn more, we have a more in depth introduction to sustainable furnishings.  

Event Trends

– Hybrid Events

There will definitely be a mixture of events in terms of having a portion of the event virtually online and the other portion of the event in person. In terms of “splitting” up the different portions, we could likely be seeing more “pre-events” to be done online such as registration or any previews, and the in person events will most likely be done in segregated zones around the event area.

– Smaller, more personalised events

Adding on there will definitely be smaller scale events to accommodate current regulations and this will also call for more personalised details of the event to accommodate the intimate crowd. Details such as creativity in decor in terms of making it more enticing for guests.