Planning Events With The Latest Covid Restrictions In Mind

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An updated version of planning events with the latest Covid restrictions in mind.

An updated version of the latest Covid-19 regulations in Singapore which with regards to hosting events in the current climate we are living in. These are some points you may want to take note of before proceeding to organise various events and accumulating the necessary furnishings needed. 

As of today (18 Feb ’21), it has roughly been around 7 weeks since Singapore announced its Phase 3 re-opening. These are some of the key restrictions to be aware of for events and open-air events that are allowed to be held. 

Main Restrictions To Take Note Of:

  1. Up to 8 people for all gatherings in public and households may receive up to 8 visitors at any point of time.
  2. Live performances (both indoor and outdoor) can have up to 250 people – of up to zones of 50 in each zone

Please refer to the sources below for their in-depth description and comprehensive guidelines that we should all adhere to: 

A general guide of Phase 3 of Singapore’s re-opening:

Safe Management Measures for MICE Events: