Planning Events With The Latest Covid Restrictions In Mind

With the latest regulations announced recently with regards to hosting events in the current climate we are living in. These are some points you may want to take note of before proceeding to organise various events and accumulating the necessary furnishings needed.

As of today (date of posting), Singapore is in the midst of the country reopening and regaining a sense of “normality” back into our day-to-day lives. We are currently roughly 5 months into Phase 2 since its implementation. These are the key restrictions to be aware of for events that are allowed to take place.

Main Restrictions To Take Note Of:

  1. Smaller scale events/ public gatherings such as solemnisations and wedding receptions
    – there can be up to 100 guests, will be split into two zones of 50 pax per zone
  2. Larger scale events/ public gatherings such as for MICE events
    – there can be up to 250 people, will be split into five zones of 50 pax per zone

Please refer to these documents for a full in depth description and comprehensive guidelines to be followed throughout phase 2 with regards to public gatherings.

Sector Specific Requirements that includes solemnisations and wedding receptions:

Safe Management Measures for MICE Events:

Add in 5 staple pieces from the events catalogue that can help with the renting

Bar Table:
Bar Stool: